By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A decades-long New Year’s Day tradition of going to brunch in your pajamas continues this weekend at a popular area restaurant.

Tamas Szene — director of restaurants at the White Dog Cafe in Philadelphia, Haverford and Wayne — says on January 1st they’ll once again be serving up their famous brunch:

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“The tradition of pajama brunch started just about 30 years ago. The idea was that after a long night of celebration, a lot of the staff members would stay over at The White Dog for the night and just start the next day in their pajamas.”

These days staffers no longer sleep at the restaurant, but Szene says they do start the year in their sleep-ware:

“I think the onesies — there are a couple of very original ones. In fact, one of our chefs has one which he’s very proud of — just a traditional Christmas onesie with a little flap in the back.”

Szene says they also offer a good “Hair of the Dog:”

“And some ingredients enjoy more popularity than others, like the tomato juice, but as it turns out, it’s really just the tomato juice rather than the vodka that makes you feel better the next day because of some of the sugar content that it has and it helps you balance your blood sugar.”

So what’s good recovery food after a night of drinking?

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“The key aspect is really to replace the nutrients that you lost the night before,” explains Szene. “Eggs are actually a very good way of doing that because it has a lot of amino acids that help you replenish.”


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