By Hadas Kuznits

by Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — New Years Eve is a big party night, but you’ll be wise to party responsibly.

Philadelphia DJ Lee Jones has seen a lot of New Years Eve parties, and from his turntable vantage point, he says he can say many people tend not to pace themselves when it comes to drinking.

His advice?

“Drink water, and make sure to eat first,” said Jones.

David Cassidy, known in Philadelphia as DJ Deejay, also mentions alcohol but he adds, be respectful when you go out on New Years Eve.

“Try to be an adult about things. Pace yourself, be open-minded to what’s going on in your environment. Obviously do not drink and drive!” says Cassidy.

Event organizer Ray Sheehan says he expects this New Year’s eve to be particularly rowdy.

“When New Year’s Eve falls during the middle of the week, the bar owner is able to grab maybe an extra night of business that he or she wouldn’t have normally gotten; but when it falls on a Saturday night, it now just takes your Saturday night and puts it on steroids so to speak,” he said.

Jones points out — you have plenty of time to hit the bar so try not to go overboard before the clock strikes midnight.

“You don’t have to beat the clock with drinking,” he said.