MAYS LANDING, N.J. (CBS) – The family of Barbara Briley, 71, and her 5-year-old great granddaughter La’Myra say their “prayers have been answered” after the missing pair were found alive in Virginia on Wednesday.

Virginia State Police say they were found Wednesday night near their silver Toyota Rav4 that was found parked on private property at least a mile from Nash Road in Dinwiddie County. Authorities say a man reported finding them off a dirt road. “The great grandmother was obviously in trouble of some sort. She moving…moving her hands. But she wasn’t speaking,” the man said.

Officials say the Brileys survived on snacks and juice boxes. The man who found them told CBS affiliate WTVR that La’Myra was sweet. “When I told her I had to come up to meet the ambulance and the Sheriff’s because they didn’t know where this was, she asked me not to go and I promised her that I would come back.”

“On behalf of the Briley family we are happy to confirm that Barbara and LaMyra Briley have been found,” said the family on Facebook.

“Thank you everyone who has assisted our family during this time. Our prayers have been answered. We ask at this time if you will respect our privacy and a formal statement will be issued later. God bless you all and thank you again for praying for our family.”

Police say Barbara Briley was transported to the hospital for treatment. La’Myra Briley appeared to be unharmed, but she was taken to the hospital for a medical evaluation. They remain hospitalized where they are currently listed in stable condition.

The pair went missing on Christmas Eve when they were last seen at an Exxon Gas Station about 30 miles north of Richmond, Virginia.

Briley reportedly told a clerk she was lost and received help setting the GPS in her phone.

Search Continues After Grandmother, Great-Granddaughter Vanish During Holiday Trip

By 8 p.m., the Briley family was no longer able to reach her, yet sources told CBS affiliate WTVR that Briley’s phone gave a brief signal in the early hours of Christmas morning about 45 miles south of Richmond.

State and local police, as well as Briley’s family, scoured that area over the last couple of days.

The Briley’s friends and neighbors are giving a huge sigh of relief after learning the pair is okay. “We were all worried because they live right next door to us so we were hoping that they were okay and we’re glad that they are okay,” said Zaira Compress.

Authorities have not released information on how the two wound up in Dinwiddie County.