By Molly Daly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A pediatric oncologist at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia will take a turn in the spotlight come January 2nd, when she rides a float in the Rose Parade in Pasadena. And she’ll have some company.

Dr. Yael Mossé , assistant professor of pediatrics at CHOP, will share the Northwestern Mutual float with seven-year-old Edie Gilger and her mom, Emily, who’ve both fought the rare inherited form of neuroblastoma.

Mossé developed a breakthrough treatment targeting the gene that causes that cancer.

“Pharmaceutical companies have been developing drugs to turn this gene off,” she says, “and remarkably, it worked exceedingly well in Edie, and her mom.”

Mossé says Edie and Emily aren’t the only ones who’ll benefit:

“They singlehandedly have taught us more about neuroblastoma than we had been trying to learn for decades.”

On Monday, they’ll do something none of them expected — ride a float in the Rose Parade.

“I think of it more as a celebration of science and discovery and the impact on patients,” Mossé says.

As for her waving technique?

“I hear it’s all in the wrist, so I’ll be practicing.”