By Joe Holden

BETHLEHEM, Pa. (CBS) — Mother Nature is about to hit the region with a winter blast and those that could get hit with snow are preparing.

When you live in the Lehigh Valley, or near the Poconos, you are always ready for some winter weather. The sun was not all that visible in Bethlehem on Wednesday. In fact, some just want a lot of it.

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If Donna, from Bethlehem, had it her way, they would be getting hammered with snow. “I’m looking forward to the snow,” she said. “I ski. I don’t like to shovel it.”

Chopper 3 was up over public works crews in the Lehigh Valley who in a preemptive strike, treated the roads with brine.

Back on the ground, Marlene Brown was used to the winter without snow. “No it’s not,” said Brown when we told her it was going to snow.

“I can deal with a couple of inches,” said Jai Smith. He’s pretty sure his car has front wheel drive and he’s undaunted by the forecast that could bring a couple of inches. “I’m not worried about the snow,” Smith explained. “I’m not, because I’m actually headed to California.”


As of Wednesday night, all of the pre-treating was taken care of. The snow is expected to hit during the morning commute. The best advice is to build in a little extra time in the morning.