PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Alfredo Santiago claims that a clerk broke the law when they wouldn’t accept a bag of loose change to pay for his $20 parking ticket, according to LNP newspaper.

The 34-year-old from Pennsylvania says he was working out some frustrations when he took the change to the city’s treasurer’s office in Lancaster to pay for his Dec. 19 ticket.

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Santiago tells LNP the clerk just didn’t want to count up the loose change.

“The lady didn’t want to count it up, so she wouldn’t take my ticket,” he says. “You can’t refuse me just because you don’t want to be inconvenienced.”

The Pennsylvania newspaper cites federal law which requires that coins be accepted for the payment of debts.

The clerk reportedly told him he had to roll the coins up.

“But I said, ‘No, it’s cash.’ They have to accept cash. She just doesn’t want to do her job,” says Santiago.

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Santiago adds there was no sign prohibiting payment with coins until after the incident occurred.

Patrick Hopkins, the city’s director of administrative services, tells LNP that “there is no policy, it’s a common sense thing.”

If Santiago doesn’t pay the fine, it will increase to $30.

He could end up in court if he continues to holdout payment.

“I explained that to him,” Hopkins says. “You can pay with coins. Not a problem. But they have to be counted out and rolled.

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