By Cleve Bryan

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (CBS) — A teen clerked foiled a robbery attempt at a convenience store in Atlantic City. The search is on for the suspect who fled the scene.

At first, 17-year-old Efaj Ahmed says he was scared when an armed man entered his family’s store, The AC Convenience Store on Ventnor Avenue, on Monday afternoon. He demanded money.

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“He comes over here with the plastic bag,” Ahmed explained. “There’s a gun in it. He opens it up and says ‘I have a gun. Give me all the money that you got right now.'”

Ahmed says he feared subsided when it didn’t look like the robber knew what he was doing. “Usually, they point the gun at you right, and I’m like, whoa, what is he doing? Then, that’s when I see the gun on the table and I’m like wait, is he trying to rob me like this?”

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The teenager says he acted like he was going to open the register then quickly snatched the gun and the bag. He pointed it at the would be robber who pulled down his mask and pleaded for mercy.

Ahmed says he recognized the man and told police that he goes by the name “Eddie” and that he is known throughout the neighborhood. He may be responsible for another armed robbery on the same street.

Ahmed wouldn’t recommend that others attempt to grab a gun from an armed robber, but in this situation, he has no regrets.

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Anyone with information is asked to contact Atlantic City Police.