ABSECON, N.J. (CBS)—Two twin brothers in Absecon attempted to make a clean getaway after police say they tried to steal thirty 6-packs of Dove soap.

It happened on Friday morning, when things got soapy for Lenny and Kenny Stewart.

Police say the brothers loaded approximately 180 bars of soap into a bag, but ran into a few obstacles leaving the ShopRite.

“Kenny and Lenny escaped out the exit but were introduced to the cold, frosty ground by a strategically placed trash can. Those sometimes jump out of nowhere,” Absecon police said on their Facebook page.

The brothers were then re-introduced to the pavement when they ran into a shopping cart in the parking lot.

And the timing of their escape couldn’t be more perfect.

The suspects then ran right into an Absecon police officer who was investigating a separate crime in the parking lot.

Lenny Stewart, 48 and Kenny Stewart, 48, both of Atlantic City, are both being charged with shoplifting. Kenny is being charged with resisting arrest.

Both are being held on $2,500 bail.