3pm – Long-Shot to Block Trump Lands at Electoral College Monday

3:20pm – Celebrities beg electors to be ‘heroes’ and vote against Trump

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3:35pm – Judge Napolitano: U.S. Intelligence Behind Leaking Clinton Emails To Wikileaks, Not Russian Hackers

3:50pm – MN musicians update ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ with consent

4pm – News Media Blame Christie for Bill That Could Devastate Newspapers

4:20pm – Loretta Lynch: We Didn’t See Any “Technical Interference” From Russia In The Election

4:25pm – Donald Trump taps Sylvester Stallone for top ‘arts’ role

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4:30pm – Christie announces $300M N.J. Statehouse renovation project

4:35pm – Rich spoke with Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli regarding his criticizism of Gov. Christie’s state house renovation plan.

4:50pm – Atheist group unveils Donald Trump-inspired billboards

5pm – Russia Wasn’t Why Hillary Lost, It Was Because of These People in PA

5:20pm – Use ‘End of (Fiscal) Year’ Party Instead of ‘Holiday

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