By Chris Stigall

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey is very optimistic about the Republican legislative agenda that could be passed once Donald Trump takes office in January, telling Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that he is very confident about the future.

“I’m feeling great. I feel a great sense of relief that the election is behind us. I’m very excited about what we can accomplish going forward. My colleagues and I have been planning and strategizing on how we can be productive as possible. We know we’re going to have a number of obstacles in our path, but there’s a lot we need to get done. A lot I think we will get done. I’m very excited.”


He said he gets a sense of similar enthusiasm from business leaders and constituents.

“It’s across the board. The most obvious manifestation is the stock market’s setting new highs every day. Interest rates drifting up. The dollar is rallying and all of this is anticipation that we’re going to reverse this trend of the disastrous over-regulation that’s been stifling our economy. We’re going to create some rational tax reform that will encourage economic growth. I think that there’s millions of Americans who are thinking we’re going to have an administration that’s not hostile to everyone that’s trying to create a job or grow a business.”

Toomey stated it is now up to Congress to do their jobs and ensure their plans become reality.

“We need to follow through. We need to make sure that we repeal these disastrous regulations, whether it’s Obamacare or Dodd Frank, an EPA that’s completely out of control. We need to reform the tax code so that we encourage the kind of investment and savings that we’ve been waiting for. But I think that all of this speaks to the kind of growth that is entirely possible. This is the central message of my campaign that this miserable, pathetic excuse for a recovery is not normal.”