By Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It’s been 31 years since Nintendo released the original Super Mario Brothers. Thursday brings the latest game in the franchise — and the first for a smartphone.

In ‘Super Mario Run,’ our favorite Italian plumber is back, vaulting over villains, collecting coins.

“Nintendo has a way of making something feel new and magical again.” managing editor Justin Haywald says Mario automatically runs, but you can control the rest of his movements with one hand.

“It’s easy to pick up and play and has that bright colorful look of a Nintendo game,” Haywald explained. “All the sounds you’re familiar with, and they’re done really, really well.”

There are caveats.

“It’s not a completely free experience,” Haywald said. “After three levels, you have a $10 wall to unlock the full game.”

You have to have an Internet connection to play; Nintendo says that’s to prevent piracy.

And it’s only for iPhone and iPad; an Android version is expected early next year.