PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A new study finds that New Jersey and Delaware are two of the worst states for drivers, while Pennsylvania ranked in the top 16 for top states.

The study conducted by ranked New Jersey 43rd, Delaware 39th and Pennsylvania 16th as the best states for drivers.

New Jersey drivers pay a whopping $1,300 in insurances costs on average annually – the highest in the nation. The national average is $887.

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Delaware pays more than the national average at $1,140 in insurance costs, while Pennsylvania motorists shell out $912.

New Jersey is also near the top in commute time at 31.3 minutes. The national average is 24.3. Delaware came in a tick above at 26 minutes, as did Pennsylvania at 26.8 minutes.

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It wasn’t all bad for New Jersey, however, as motorists don’t spend as much on gas as those in other states. On average, New Jersey drivers spend $863 annually on gasoline. The national average is $1,127.

Delaware drivers pay $1,107 on average for gas while Pennsylvania motorists only pay $922.

The study found that California is the worst state for drivers in the nation.