By Jim Melwert

NORRISTOWN, Pa. (CBS) — A recent sweep of DUI scofflaws by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office has netted more than two-dozen accused drunk drivers who had skipped out on court dates.

The Montgomery County sheriff’s office targeted about 40 of what were called the county’s “most wanted” DUI offenders, not only going out to round them up, but also posting names and faces online.

Corporal Mark Huzzard with the warrants division, says they tracked down people with warrants from Colorado, Florida, and Wisconsin.

“I think some people were upset that their faces were on our criminal wanted website, but DUI is crime.”

Each of the “most wanted” is a repeat offender, important to get them off the roads, says Linda Sposato with Mothers Against Drunk Driving, as repeat offenders are responsible for one-third of all drunk-driving related issues.

“At any given point we potentially share the roads in this country with two-million people with three or more drunk driving offenses.”

The District Attorney’s Office is currently prosecuting more than 1,400 DUI cases, and the Sheriff’s Office Warrants Division has over 900 DUI warrants on its books.