By Ian Bush

by Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Uber riders can rate their drivers on a five-star scale, but the assessment works the other way, too.

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And now, the ride-hailing app has released new rules of the road, including five infractions that could get you banned.

Most of Uber’s guidelines are common-sense: be on time, buckle up, don’t leave trash behind.

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It’s when your good judgement goes out the window — sometimes when Uber comes in handiest — that you can get in trouble.

Damaging drivers’ or other passengers’ property will do it, including throwing up in the car after too much booze.

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Uber doesn’t want anyone having physical contact in the car — certainly no sex, but also no flirting.

Fine if the ride serves as a meet-cute for a future date; not OK if there’s unwanted after-trip communication.

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Abusive language or gestures could leave you looking for a taxi.

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And Uber says it does not abide lawbreakers: the company makes note of those who might try to use the service for drug or human trafficking, but also things like bringing drugs or open containers of alcohol in the car, having more riders than there are seatbelts, even asking the driver to go faster than the speed limit.