CBS Tampa (Jacksonville, FL) – Going to the grocery store is surely a chore, just something that needs to get done. Conversely, most of the time at least, going and grabbing drinks is a treat to be looked forward to. Well, what happens when a Florida grocery store tries to imbue a little of the latter with the former?

It’s true– at Lucky’s Market in Jacksonville, Florida, customers can purchase a pint of beer for $3 or a glass of wine for $2, throw it in their cart’s cup holder and go about their business. This doesn’t fundamentally change much about the grocery store experience, but it’s the little things in life, right?

To be fair, it’s not exactly the most practical improvement a grocery store could’ve made. This does nothing to solve inherent tribulations, but it could be convincing. Rather than comparing and weighing the benefits of saving $0.13 on milk rather than $0.15 on chicken, the adult beverages could swing fence sitting customers to their lawn.

“I saw on Facebook that you can drink while you shop,” said Micah Cagnassola, via First Coast News. “That’s very cool.”

If this works for Lucky’s, don’t be surprised to see it catching on elsewhere.