3pm- A group called Hamilton Electors is pushing electors to cast their votes for Ohio Governor John Kasich instead of Donald Trump. 

3:20pm- A New York Times article blames fake news for a near attack on a D.C. based pizzeria.

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3:30pm- Temple football coach Matt Rhule is leaving the university to coach at Baylor next season. 

3:50pm- Robbie Mook conceded that Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” comment alienated voters.

4pm- Donald Trump tweeted “cancel order” after learning of Air Force One’s $4 billion price tag. 

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4:15pm- A Washington Post writer claims that Donald Trump’s election last month ended her desire to look for a partner.

4:30pm- Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell joins the show to discuss Jill Stein’s recount efforts in PA.

5:15pm- A new study finds that headphones carry risk of hearing loss for children.

5:45pm- Joy Behar believes that “pizza-gate” is the beginning of a dictatorship. 

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5:50pm- Joe Biden says he’s considering a 2020 Presidential run.