SALINE, Mich. (CBS) — A Michigan woman turned to Snapchat to air her grievances about Kohl’s Cash last week and the video has since gone viral.

Amanda Bell’s video has been viewed more than 228,000 times on YouTube since being posted Wednesday.

So why did it go viral? Presumably it’s her expert use of Snapchat filters to explain her frustration caused by a fellow customer holding up the return line.

Amanda: “There was this lady in front of me talking to the sales lady, asking a million questions. I kept looking at my watch like do you not realize that I have to go pick up my kids in like 15 minutes? Get outta the way!”

Customer: “So making this return do I lose all my Kohl’s Cash or just like some of my Kohl’s Cash?”

Amanda: “Nobody flipping cares lady. How much Kohl’s Cash do you have? Take mine. I don’t care. Just stop asking questions.”

Customer: “So when you say all of the Kohl’s cash does that mean all of it?”

Ugh! We’ve all been there.