3pm – Everything You Need to Know About Gen. James Mattis

3:20pm – CNN Apologizes For Joke About Donald Trump Plane Crashing

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3:25pm – Megyn Kelly Fields Early Offers From Rivals: Could She Go to CNN?

3:35pm – Donald Trump Holds ‘Thank You’ Rally in Cincinnati

3:50pm – Trump Transition Team Pushing NJ Gov. Chris Christie to Run for RNC Chair

4pm – Rich spoke with Sergeant Sylvia Young during Barbera Backs the Badge regarding her 19 years of service.

4:20pm –  Hannity Asks Trump About the ‘Sensitive’ College Students Upset at His Victory

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4:25pm – Trump Mocks the ‘Dishonest’ Press for Downplaying His Chances in Anti-Media Rant at Rally

4:35pm – Graham preparing ‘Dreamers’ bill

4:40pm – City Council Discusses Formalizing Pittsburgh As A Sanctuary City

4:50pm – Rich spoke with Nir Eyal regarding his book, Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products.

5pm – Sarah Palin: But… Wait… The Good Guys Won’t Win

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5:20pm – Shouting match erupts between Clinton and Trump aides