By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia City Council has passed a bill ensuring family-friendly accommodations at city facilities.

The legislation was introduced by Councilwoman Cindy Bass, requiring all bathrooms at City Hall, recreation centers, libraries and pools to install baby changing tables.

“Baby changing tables is part of a number of initiatives that we’ll be taking over the next year that look at family friendly policies,” she says, “the seemingly smaller things that can make a big difference.”

She says this small improvement is a preventative safety measure:

“We know that the cost is minimal and it also goes back to safety and liability.”

The bill was passed on Thursday and will be implemented at all public restrooms within a year. And if you don’t see a changing table in a city bathroom…

“Don’t panic,” Bass says. “Just call us and we can let you know when it’s happening.”

The bill was passed unanimously.