By Pat Gallen

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)– It’s not easy being an Eagles cheerleader — they make over 300 appearances a year, are extremely active in the community and all have other jobs outside of the cheer squad.

One member of the team in particular has made a living in court, while living out her dream on the field.

Meet Dana Maugeri: an Eagles cheerleader and Philadelphia defense attorney.

Dana is in her second year on the squad, but when she’s not on the field she’s kicking butt in the court room.

“I start in court every day, I might go to a deposition in the afternoon, a little bit of time in office communicating with clients and then we practice three hours a night, two nights a week,” says Maugeri. “Those nights I stop home to feed my puppy and let him out and go right over to the Linc.”

Dana, who’s the oldest member of the cheer squad, was originally unsure if she could make it work.

“I wanted to tryout years ago and was nervous that I couldn’t fit the cheerleading life into my work life and that people wouldn’t take me as seriously if they knew about it,” she said. “But actually I think it made me a better person and a well-rounded person.”

She even has a love for history.

“My grandpop was a war veteran and I grew up hearing his stories and learning about the life that he led.”