PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Police say 13 protesters participating in a “Fight for $15” demonstration were issued civil citations in Center City Tuesday night.

Fast food workers, service employees and Uber drivers marched down Broad as a call-to-action for wage increases and union rights.

Heather Huff is a member of Fight for 15, and a crew member at a local Arby’s. She was issued a citation outside the McDonald’s at Broad and Arch streets, along with a dozen others for obstructing the roadway.

“I make $8 an hour and I’ve been in the fast food industry since I was 18 years old, so 15-years I’ve been doing this. I’m tired of down every other Friday night, me and my fiance sitting down and stressing over bills. What bills we can make and what bills we’re not. I’m tired of living paycheck to paycheck.”

Nationwide, thousands of workers in 340 cities chanted and marched to increase the minimum wage to what they call a living wage.

The action marks the fourth anniversary of the “Fight for $15” campaign.