By Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — If you have a bit more pep in your step as you head back to work, maybe it’s thanks to the prospect of Cyber Monday deals. CareerBuilder says a majority of us will spend time shopping while ‘on the clock’ Monday. But as you check over your shoulder for the boss, you also should keep an eye out for criminals.

“Hackers are collecting credit card data that they’re going to eventually use for resale due to the increased online presence of people during this time,” explained Nick Barone, who heads Eisner Amper’s cybersecurity and response services.

Barone refers to Tuesday as ‘Hacker Tuesday,’ when the bad guys and girls revel in the haul of valuable personal information they’re able to hoover up during Cyber Monday.

“Hackers work very hard to plant malware that collects information,” he said, “because they know this is the busy season for credit card data and personally identifiable information to be transmitted.”

He suggests some steps to take before Cyber Monday shopping: scan your computer for viruses, and take advantage of real-time security services like Malwarebytes. Better still, he says, shop using the smartphone apps released by your chosen stores.

“Don’t assume that your corporate network is capable of protecting you any better or worse than your home network,” Barone said.

Don’t access your financial information while browsing virtual shelves or on public wifi. And watch for emails or even search results trying to trick you into clicking a bogus link.