By Hadas Kuznits

By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — With Thanksgiving now behind us, lots of people are eating leftovers this weekend. Here are some creative post-Thanksgiving recipes from a local chef.

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Anthony Bonnett, executive chef at the Mushulu, has lots of recipe ideas for your Thanksgiving leftovers.

“Turkey is a really neutral meat so you could really do a ton of things with it.”

He says the easiest thing to make is soup.

“You can make a really aromatic broth with the carcass — you can add some ginger and some cilantro stems and some chili peppers and then you can cook either noodles or rice into the broth. If you’re doing rice it would be like a congee; if you’re doing noodles, it would be more like a pho.”

And don’t be afraid to dig into leftovers for breakfast.

“There’s always the breakfast scramble, sweet potato and turkey hash with poached eggs on top or sunny-side up eggs on top.”

You can even use turkey to make scrapple.

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“Buzz it up in your food processor, you just gotta bring your turkey stock or your chicken stock to a boil. Add that cooked meat back to the chicken stock, thicken it with cornmeal, just like you’re making polenta. Chill that whole thing into a loaf pan or any kind of shape and once it’s chilled, you can pan-fry it into a pan, just like you would do any kind of scrapple.”

Bonnett says he’s not a fan of freezing leftovers. Ideally, you’ll want to finish everything off this weekend.

“I mean you should try to burn through everything. I mean, just for the sake of freshness, there’s no reason to hold onto these things. Once you’re getting into early the following week, you’re done.”

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