PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole… you’re probably salivating just thinking about Thanksgiving dinner and it’s more than likely that your dog is too!

Before everyone sits down to eat, it’s important to know which foods are off-limits for pets and it’s a good idea to inform your house guests as well.

It may be tempting to let Spot “clean up” the small pile of corn that fell off on the floor but buttered veggies should be kept away from dogs, along with gravy and anything with onions.

foods to avoid feeding your pets CBS 3 Pet Project: Thanksgiving Food

And before the dinner is even served make sure the food is pushed far off the ledge — even the most well-behaved pets may not be able to control themselves from chowing down.

Once the feast is over, the same goes for the trashcan.

If you absolutely have to give into Spot’s begging your safest option is to give him a small piece of plain turkey without the skin.

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