By Hadas Kuznits

By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The South Philly Food Co-Op has announced the location of their first retail food store.

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Jessica Calter, president of the South Philly Food Co-Op, says they’ll be opening a co-op at 2031 South Juniper Street.

“A cooperative enterprise is something that is member owned. The South Philly Cooperative is a retail cooperative.”

How does it compare to a grocery store?

“It is like a grocery store in that it is fully stocked of produce and vegetables and groceries. What is not the same is that it is owned by the members and the people who shop there, which means that those people keep the control of the economics of the grocery store.”

And why are co-ops gaining popularity?

“I think the idea of member ownership really speaks to what we’re seeing in the country right now that is experiencing a lot of economic diversity and the cooperative movement is really born out of that; it’s the idea that money stays within a community. It doesn’t go to shareholders somewhere far away.”

Calter says they hope to open the new co-op next year.

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“And that will depend a lot on construction processes and our fundraising efforts.”


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