By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Some Philadelphia executives didn’t spend their night in a warm cushy bed. They slept on the streets to send a message, and raise some cash.

They slept outside in 40-degree weather for a fundraiser for Covenant House, a shelter for homeless youth.

Lisa Price from Toll Brothers called it uncomfortable, but rewarding.

“It’s cold. It’s scary. You don’t know who’s walking by. You have no comforts of home.”

76ers CEO Scott O’Neil says it’s about letting kids know they’re not alone.

“Hopefully this night gave us all a little perspective. No kid should spend one night like this, let alone multiple.”

Covenant House executive director John Ducoff says, “It’s just not something that people see. We say in our work that homeless youth are invisible. Well, we’re not invisible tonight because we’re here, standing up for them.”

Everyone left with a strong sense of gratitude for the experience.

Alexa O’Neil, 16, says, “It definitely makes me feel really lucky for what I have, and makes me think that I take a lot of what I have for granted. They’re just really strong and amazing kids.”

Sixteen other Covenant House locations across the U.S. and Canada also held Sleep Out events on Thursday night. They raised a total of $6.1 million.

For more information on Covenant House, click here.

CBS3’s Trang Do contributed to this report.