PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Joel Pollack, a Senior Editor at Breitbart, the right wing website formerly managed by Donald Trump’s new chief political strategist Steve Bannon, defended his former boss against accusations of racism and anti-semitism, telling Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that Trump’s political opponents used the controversy surrounding Bannon’s appointment to aide in their rebound following Hillary Clinton’s election loss.

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“The Anti-Defamation League, which came out against Steve Bannon on Sunday, has backed away, backed down, off of the false charge that he’s anti-semitic. They’re now saying they see no evidence that he has ever said anything anti-semitic or anything racist or whatever. So, they’re backing down now after creating four days of hatred which the left used to protest in the streets and foment opposition and rally and fundraise and do everything they needed to do to pick themselves up after the defeat last Tuesday. Now they’re backing down.”

Pollack said that, despite what some media outlets report, he believes Bannon understands the issues Trump is going to have to confront, specifically in regards to Russia.

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“Buzzfeed was looking for some bad clips on Steve Bannon and they came up with a lecture he gave at the Vatican in 2014, at some conference, and Steve Bannon said that Putin was a kleptocrat. So, I think you can be sure that Steve understands some of how the Putin regime operates. The issue over relations with Russia is very complicated because in some areas, we have to work together with the Russian government and in other areas, we have to oppose them. It’s always going to be this push/pull.”