By Nicole Brewer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…but, should it?

“I don’t like it,” said Ashley Boyd of Conshohocken. “You have garland and pumpkins. It doesn’t even make sense,” added Patty Krasnowiecki from Phoenixville.

“It’s a time that makes people happy, so they want to stretch it out as much as they can,” said Geoffrey O’Brien of Havertown.

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Reid Rutherford of California was even more specific: “I don’t think you should decorate until after Thanksgiving.”

“That would be my vote…to have the distinct seasons,” said Lisa Richey, Founder of the American Academy of Etiquette. She says the ideal time is a day or two after Thanksgiving. But, if you’re looking to light things up early…

“Put them up… get it all ready and then flip the switch after the Thanksgiving holiday.”

So, what if you can’t wait to get into the spirit?

Richey suggests planning your holiday menu, making hot cocoa, homemade marshmallows, listening to holiday music or watching movies.

Boyd of Conshohocken couldn’t agree more. “Decorate inside your home where we don’t have to see it,” she joked.

And speaking of holiday spectacles, what to do about tacky décor, especially next door?

“There’s really not much you can do. We all have different levels of taste. You have to honor that it’s their property,” explained Richey.

So, when does the grace period end?

According to Richey, “the 4th, 5th, 6th of January is a good time to take them down.”

We’ll see how it goes this year!