3pm – Steve ‘Turn on the Hate’ Bannon, in the White House

3:20pm – The Rich Zeoli Show Takes a Field Trip to Drexel University

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3:23pm – Professors ask Sullivan to stop quoting Jefferson

3:25pm – Trump’s Win Helping Prove Law Schools Are Wussifying Students

3:35pm – Former Reagan economist Art Laffer says Donald J. Trump’s economic policies will be very prosperous 

3:40pm – ‘Not Like the Electoral College Is a Surprise:’ CNN Anchor Scolds Elector Trying To Reverse Results

3:42pm – California Sen. Barbara Boxer files long shot bill to scrap the Electoral College system

3:50pm – Thanksgiving Bootcamp

4pm – Obama: People Are Obviously “Deeply Disaffected,” Otherwise We Wouldn’t Have The Results We Had

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4:05pm – Kellyanne Conway Says Sen. Harry Reid Should Be ‘Very Careful’ About Criticizing Donald Trump

4:35pm – SNL’s take on Clinton loss more somber than their post-9/11 broadcast

4:40pm – Steve Schmidt: Trump Presidency Represents The End Of The Culture Wars, Gay Marriage Fight Is Over

4:50pm  – Man who beat girlfriend at casino sues over excessive drinks

4:55pm – The Cosby Show is coming back to TV

5pm – Joy Behar On ‘The View’: Steve Bannon Is “Fascism” In The White House

5:20pm – Rich spoke with George Washington University Professor John Banzhaf regarding his article, Trump’s Win Helping Prove Law Schools Are Wussifying Students.

5:35pm – Baltimore OKs ban of replica guns

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