Colin Powell Offers To Help President-Elect Trump Colin Powell Offers To Help President-Elect Trump At Local Forum – CBS Philly
By Mark Abrams

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Colin Powell served four American presidents and had a distinguished military and diplomatic career. On Tuesday he spoke for the first time since the election, saying he’d be willing to help president-elect Donald Trump… if asked.

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell was on Temple University’s campus addressing a leadership forum for students, ROTC cadets and invited guests.

Speaking extemporaneously and without notes, Powell talked about the qualities of a good leader and offered some personal reflections on his interactions with Presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.

Then, during a question and answer period, which was on the record, but which reporters were not permitted to tape for air, Powell was asked by a student if he would offer any advice to President-elect Donald Trump.

Powell acknowledged publicly that he had supported Hillary Clinton, but told the assembly Trump is now the president.

“In my business, you don’t give advice unless asked for it,” he said.

But, he continued saying that if Trump asked for advice, he would give it to him.

“I’d give it because they may need it,” Powell said.