By Melony Roy

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A Philadelphia-based digital and social media agency has launched a new division of the company dedicated to professional and continuing education.

Courses will provide education on social media skills, trends and strategies.

After seven years, ChatterBlast Media is growing with a brand-new division: ChatterBlast University.

(credit: ChatterBlast)

(credit: ChatterBlast)

With several university professors on staff, cofounders Evan Urbania and Matthew Ray say the university division brings academia and agency together.

“We can’t do everything for all of our clients so we want to teach them how to fish and show them some of these new tactics and tools.”

“It’s usually three hours, it involves learning, understanding the theory, and then there’s very much hands on experience.”

Private and classroom-style training sessions are available, both in person and webinars.

“Our students come in lots of different shapes and sizes. If you are managing a big social media presence day to day we have programs for you, if you’re managing a team or the communication strategy for an org then there’s something you’ll get out of ChatterBlast. If you’re an executive or customer service person. There’s value in the programs we’re putting there as well.”

In December, Crisis Communications & Social Media will cover the creation and enactment of a plan for effective social media communication in the event of a crisis or emergency.