By David Spunt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — On the eve of the election, Philadelphia elections officials were busy with last minute preparations before Tuesday morning.

“An election day in a city our size with more than one million voters; it’s a turbulent day,” Philadelphia City Commissioner Al Schmidt told Eyewitness News.

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Schmidt, who is in charge of elections, doesn’t want you to worry. His team has been working for months to make sure things go as planned. Schmidt admits he has spent a lot of time recently defending the process in Philadelphia, after Donald Trump mentioned the city during a rally.

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“I just hear such reports about Philadelphia,” Trump told a crowd in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. Trump frequently tells his supporters the election will be rigged and mentions Philadelphia.

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“It might be that candidate’s first rodeo but it’s not ours. We’re ready for tomorrow, “City Commissioner Lisa Deeley told Eyewitness News.

Last week, Pennsylvania State Police investigators raided two local offices of FieldWorks, a grass roots organization that canvases for democratic candidates.

“It’s an ongoing investigation so we’ll be interested to see what they uncover,” Deeley told Eyewitness News.

Meanwhile, talk of hacking into a voting machine in Philadelphia is impossible according to Schmidt. The machines are not connected to the Internet. “It’s like hacking into a toaster oven. These are old machines. There are problems with having older technology, but in this election, where there is concern about hacking and things like that, it’s a real benefit,” Schmidt said.

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If you get to a machine and feel like there is something wrong, there are always paper ballots on hand. Ask for one and fill it out.