PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Milo Yiannopoulos, the Technology Editor for Breitbart News, contends that this year’s presidential election is signaling a complete re-ordering of the American political system, led by Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Yiannopoulos told Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that even voters who do not like the GOP candidate want what he is offering.

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“The whole point of Trump is to blow the system up. Michael Moore, kind of, inadvertently, accidentally, gave the greatest ad of the entire electoral cycle for Trump when he was talking about Trump as the biggest F-U in the history of American politics. That’s what most voters want. Even if they can’t personally stomach Trump, that’s what most voters want. Just tearing the system limb from limb, breaking all of the ordinary, understood rules of engagement and operation in politics. It’s exactly what all the voters want.”

He also believes that both the Democrats and Republicans will be forced to adapt to the changing landscape after the race for the White House ends of Tuesday.

“Even though some people find the spectacle of Trump/Clinton distasteful or low rent or just exhausting, I think it’s fantastic because both major parties are going to have to completely re-imagine themselves after this election, whatever happens,” he says.

One thing is for sure, Yiannopolous is absolutely loving the 2016 election season and is sad to see it nearing an end.

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“You know what’s really weird to me, very bizarre, it just feels like we’re all suddenly living in Alex Jones’ world. Suddenly the world has just gone to Infowars, you know?” he jokes. “I never ever want this election to end, I just don’t want to come to and end. I know everyone else is getting fatigued, but I want this to go on forever. Everyone has gone mental, everything is insane and I love it so much!”

As for what the future holds for both parties, Yiannopolous sees the unraveling of the Republican party to continue while a similar splitting-of-the-seams occurring within the Democratic party soon after.

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“Everybody is well aware that the Republican party is tearing itself apart basically into the exciting, youthful faction of Trump fans, cultural libertarians, these new youthful, vibrant movements of various different kinds versus what I think is a smaller slice of old, more earnest, boring ‘Never Trump’ kind of establishment Republican types. Everybody has watched that go on, watched the right tear itself apart, but what we haven’t seen yet is the left do it because they’ve stitched up for Hillary. They’ve sort of gerrymandered this to stop Sanders from succeeding. So we haven’t really had the opportunity to see the left tear itself apart. When she’s president, when she’s in the White House and she’s getting attacked from her own side, just consider what Susan Sarandon said about her this week — when she’s getting attacked from her own side we’re gonna see the Democrats rip themselves apart not during the election cycle but while they’re in office. That’s even more exciting. … Whatever happens, I don’t think the Republican party is going to win another election after Trump because it’s in such disarray, but the Democratic party may not survive at all.”


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