By Steve Tawa

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Two state agencies are moving on their pledges to dive into the books of the Philadelphia Parking Authority, following the forced resignation of the authority’s executive director, Vince Fenerty, over sexual harassment allegations.

Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale says the audit will look into how the PPA deals with sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

State Attorney General Bruce Beemer says they’re “prepared to take appropriate action, if it reveals evidence of possible unlawful activity.”

Fenerty resigned from the Parking Authority in late September, a day before he was to be fired. It followed disclosures that he had been the subject of two sexual harassment complaints from women – one in 2006, and another in 2014.

The scandal became public only after the second woman stepped forward, prompting Governor Wolf to tell the attorney general to investigate, since the AG has jurisdiction.

DePasquale says the revelations of “serious turmoil at the Parking Authority” prompted them to collaborate on a second, concurrent audit of the PPA’s On-Street Parking program:

“The major promise granted was that this would become a huge revenue stream for the school district of Philadelphia. Those promises have been unfulfilled.”

The auditor general’s office says the audit will date back to 2012, following reports that there have been annual declines in PPA payments to the cash-strapped school district.