By Danny Cox

The Philadelphia Eagles started off the season 3-0 and looked like true contenders in the NFC with blowout victories over the Browns, Bears and Steelers. However, then they lost to the Lions and the Redskins before a pretty big victory over the Minnesota Vikings. Now they’ve lost another big divisional game to the Cowboys and the problems are only starting to build.

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Josh Huff arrested on marijuana and firearm charges

Third-year wide receiver Josh Huff wasn’t having a great year by any stretch of the imagination as he had only racked up 72 yards on 13 receptions for one touchdown. Still, his season just got a lot worse as authorities charged Huff with possessing an unloaded 9-mm handgun without a permit and also being in possession of a small amount of marijuana.

This was all found on Huff when he was pulled over in New Jersey for speeding early on Tuesday morning.

The officer smelled marijuana in Huff’s car and the wide receiver handed over a container with the suspected drug in it. At that point, Huff let the officer know of the handgun he had in the side pocket of the driver’s side door. Huff’s bail was set at $25,000 and he now faces charges of possessing the gun without a permit in New Jersey and also for the handgun magazine which was loaded with six hollow-point bullets.

Huff is also facing charges for having less than 50 grams of marijuana and a disorderly person offense.

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The Philadelphia Eagles have said they are aware of the incident, but are awaiting further information before making any judgment on possible punishment.

Coaches disappointed in lack of responsibility shown by Nelson Agholor

On Sunday night, the Philadelphia Eagles lost a heartbreaker to the Dallas Cowboys by the score of 29-23 in overtime. During the game, mistakes were made and many have said that a lot of them were avoidable, but not everyone feels that way. In the game, Eagles receiver Nelson Agholor had four dropped balls, which he honestly doesn’t believe is a big deal.

“I don’t give a damn, man, that s— is nothing,” Agholor told reporters. “You just have to make the next one. Everybody runs routes. Sometimes they are contested. Sometimes you drop them. If you make as many as you possibly can that come your way, you’ll put yourself in a good position.

“No one is perfect. I don’t look at no drops, or that type of s—. I’m tired of hearing that s—. It’s just stupid.”

That was Sunday night after the game and all of that may have been said in anger at the loss or simply in the heat of the moment. Still, he could have taken more responsibility for his actions, his words and his mistakes. Eagles head coach Doug Pederson said he was simply “disappointed in those types of comments” by Agholor.

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Pederson went on to say that each player on his team is “responsible for their own job, obviously.” While that comment may have been aimed directly at Nelson Agholor, he didn’t mention any names after he started talking and wants all of the Eagles to step up their game.