By Jon Ritchie

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — From a third-round pick to a third-round pick, Jon Ritchie had a message for Eagles wide receiver Josh Huff on Wednesday.

“This is a guy, he’s a third-round draft pick who has underperformed from an offensive standpoint,” Ritchie said on his 94WIP Midday Show with co-host Joe DeCamara. “Yes, he’s been reliable as a special teams return man. Yes, he’s sort of a package guy on offense. But third-round draft pick, I would like to see more.”

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Huff, who has 13 catches for 72 yards in his third season with the Eagles, was arrested on Tuesday morning for allegedly speeding while carrying a 9 millimeter handgun and less than 50 grams of marijuana.

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Ritchie, 42, spent six seasons in the NFL as a reliable fullback. His final full season came in 2013 with the Eagles, as a knee-injury ended his career in 2014. Ritchie missed just five games in six seasons.

“I was a third-round draft and I was a starter from my first game in the NFL,” Ritchie continued. “And I felt an obligation to my teammates to never risk letting them down. And that didn’t mean I didn’t go out. I would go out to a bar on Tuesday and I would keep it under control. And if I drank some beer, I would get a cab. You have to be responsible. It’s time to grow up. This is an adult world. You wanted to be treated like men, as NFL players. You wanted be treated with respect, stop acting like a child.”