PHILADELPHIA  (CBS) – Penny Nance from Concerned Women For America discussed her support for Donald Trump, saying that despite his personal failings, he is still a better choice than Hillary Clinton.

Nance told Chris Stigall that she is putting her personal concerns about Trump to the side this year because she thinks he will be a stronger leader for the country.

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“I have concerns over some of what I saw. He is a sinner, just like me. I can say that both candidates have major character issues. I don’t expect him to be a perfect President. I’m not deluded into thinking that my job will go away if only Donald Trump is elected. I think I’ll have lots of work to do. But, on every issue that we’ve discussed, everything from keeping our families safe, healthcare…that is a key issue for women, the economy and jobs, all of this has deep repercussions for women and for our nation.”

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She believes Trump will appoint judges and bureaucrats that will change the culture of the federal government.

“When you cast a vote and elect a President, you’re not just electing one person. You’re electing an entire form of government. You’re electing, in this election, between one and four Supreme Court Justices, about 500 lower court judges, because not everything makes it up to the Supreme Court and about 5000 governmental appointees that go to the agencies and go to the commissions. Those bureaucrats, the Lois Lerners, make important decisions that directly impact your life on the issues of religious freedom, on the directive of bathrooms and locker rooms to schools, that came from an Obama appointee. Issues on foreign policy, it’s not all done out of the Oval Office.”

Nance stated she would like to vote for a woman, but not Hillary Clinton.

“I look forward to the day when we have a woman President. I just don’t want it to be her. I’m willing to wait for someone else that I think better represents me, my family, the views that we share, our values and also the future of the nation, making us safe.”

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