By Justin Udo

CENTER CITY (CBS) — SEPTA Regional Rail employees are still on the job, but Regional Rail commuters are feeling the effects of the SEPTA bus, subway and trolley workers strike.


Hundreds of people stood in long lines that stretched through out the station…as they waited for delayed and overcrowded trains.

“I’m a little disappointing. I know in the City of Philadelphia that SEPTA in now on strike, but it said it would’ve affect Regional Rail, so I am kind of surprised to see this,” said Derick, who works in Center City and commutes from Bucks County.

He said while leaving his job he saw that it would take him an extra two hours to get home, so he made the best of it.

“Go to the gym, hang out, work on some projects at work.”

Derick who’s looking at the situation with the glass half full, adds that he hopes the backups and delays start to ease up as the week goes on.”

“It is what is it is. I’m happy I have a way home such as Regional Rail.”