By Stephanie Stahl

ABINGTON, Pa. (CBS) — A new kind of tele-medicine is branching out and now people who need speech therapy can do it from home or anywhere. It’s similar to Facetime or Skype with a therapeutic element built in that makes the technology more secure and sophisticated.

7-year-old Mia Iloni has speech therapy sessions on-line. She has a speech impediment and now, in addition to in person therapy sessions, she also gets help with a new program called Remote Speech. Mia says she likes it and it’s fun.

Go Scare Yourself! It’s Good For You

Orna Kempler-Azulay with Abington Speech Pathology Services says there’s a growing number of patients, but fewer pathologists so Remote Speech helps fill that void. “We’re able to connect with our clients if it’s in schools, if it’s adults at home, or in any other facility that can’t get a therapist,” Kempler-Azulay explains.

She says the technology is individualized and can even help treat stroke patients. There’s a two way screen so the patients and therapists can see each other.

Mia is working on articulating the letter “S” and her Mom says it’s working.

“After each time you see that she’s speaking better,” says Galit Iloni. And she has three other children, so especially likes the convenience. “Amazing. We love all those things that you can do at home and you know it makes your life easier and its perfect. It’s really perfect.” Galit says.

New research has shown that children and other patients, getting therapy with remote speech, like and benefit from the technology.

Stephanie Stahl