PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Eric Trump, the son of the Republican nominee for President, Donald Trump, discussed the tour he took recently of the Yuengling brewery in Pottstown and touted them in an interview with Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT as an American success story.

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“Yuengling is exactly what my father is talking about, meaning the success story of that company. It’s exactly what my father is talking about that he wants in this country. It’s the oldest brewery in the nation. They employ hundreds and hundreds of people. They’re all-American. They’re owned by an American family. They employ people in America. They make their product in America. It’s such a nice thing to see. They’re actually the largest American owned brewery, obviously, in the country. Anheuser-Busch and everyone else, they’re all owned by foreign corporations.”

He blamed Bill Clinton and the passage of the NAFTA for the closure of many factories that weren’t lucky enough to enjoy the prosperity Yuengling has found.

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“You see a company like that and you see a factory and you see the trucks and you see the amount of life and vibrance that they have in them and I drive all over this country and I can tell you, I’ve seen thousands and thousands of shutdown factories, boarded up factories all across the country. We’ve lost 70,000 factories in this country since NAFTA was signed. We’ve lost one in three manufacturing jobs as a nation since Bill Clinton signed NAFTA. We have 95 million people out of the work force. What [Dick] did and what Yuengling does, they employ a lot of hard working Americans and they provide an amazing lifestyle to them and they make a great product and they make that product here in the US and it’s owned by a US family. That should be celebrated.”

Trump also stated he seems his fathers campaign closing the polling gap in light of a new email scandal involving Hillary Clinton and is confident Pennsylvania will contribute significantly to Republicans retaking the White House.

“We’re doing so well in Ohio. So well in North Carolina. We’re so far ahead of where Romney was in North Carolina. Nevada, I was just there. In Colorado, we’re doing incredibly well. I can go down the [list]. Right there in Pennsylvania, where you guys are, they have us tied. I can tell you, I lived in Pennsylvania for five years, I know the state incredibly well and I’ve spent a lot of time there during the election. You can’t drive 200 yards without seeing another massive Trump sign. I can tell you the enthusiasm in Pennsylvania in unlike anywhere. I think we’re going to win Pennsylvania and I think we’re going to do so easily. Quite frankly, I think that’s going to be the state that wins us the election.”


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