HARRISBURG (CBS) – Pennsylvania lawmakers passed a slew of legislation during what was billed as the last weeks of the two year session.
But a number of controversial bills that were the subject of much debate never made it to the finish line.

One big question is were these past two weeks really the final voting days of the session?

Over the last decade, lawmakers have generally refrained from holding lame duck, post-election votes on major legislation. Republican Dave Reed – the House majority leader – says there was one possible exception:

“I think we passed what we were confident we were going to pass this session. In regard to the other issues, I think the last outstanding issue is the pension issue. And like I said, maybe it comes together, maybe it doesn’t. It would be great if it did.”

He refers to reform of state worker and teacher pensions.

Among other bills that are likely to die on the vine for the current session: a bill to restore the local share of revenues from casinos nixed by a court ruling; and measures dealing with sanctuary cities, the statute of limitations in child sex abuse cases, and animal welfare.