By Kristen Johanson, David Spunt

BENSALEM, Pa. (CBS) – Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence held a campaign rally in Bucks County Friday to urge supporters to vote for the Republican ticket.

Hundreds packed into a T.C. Millwork to hear Governor Mike Pence speak:

“Crowd was enthusiastic… he did well.”

“I liked hearing about it all: lowering taxes, getting benefits, new jobs.”

Before Pence took the stage, news broke about an FBI review of emails related to Clinton.

“We call on the FBI to immediately release all the emails pertinent to their reopened investigation. The American people have a right to know,” Pence told the crowd. “The American people have a right to know, and they have a right to know before Election Day.”

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Pence also asked the audience to thank first responders, after his campaign plane skidded off the runway Thursday night:

“As all the vehicles rushed to the plane side, almost before the plane stopped rolling, men and women who serve in law enforcement and our first responders are not a force for division, they are the best of us.”

Pence concluded by encouraging voters to get to the polls on November 8th, and to bring everyone they know.

After Pence left the building, reports surfaced that the emails were discovered during an investigation into former Congressman Anthony Weiner.

Clinton aide Huma Abedin is now separated from Weiner. News about the Weiner investigation didn’t change voters’ minds about Clinton.

“I can’t see a criminal in office. It sickens me. It concerns me,” Donna Cincassi told Eyewitness News.