PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Republican State Senator in New Jersey, Mike Doherty, praised Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno for opposing the state’s new gasoline tax, publicly breaking with Governor Chris Christie.

Doherty told Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that he’s happy Guadagno has adopted the stance she did and sees it potentially helping her future political ambitions.


“I would commend the Lieutenant Governor for finally stepping up and having a public voice. I am happy to see her join the effort opposing this gas tax increase. She’s going to run again in New Jersey, perhaps for Governor in 2017. So, I think she is doing what’s right for her constituents and putting herself in a position to possibly run for Governor in 2017. So, I think that’s why there’s some divergence between Governor Christie and Lieutenant Governor Guadagno.”

He demurred when asked if he as any interest in running for Governor, focusing instead on winning the White House for Donald Trump.

“I’m just worried about getting Donald Trump elected on November 8th, 2016. I really think it’s an important election and I think he’s speaking the truth. We need to get control of our immigration. We need to get control of our borders. We need to reject stupid trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Donald Trump, he’s doesn’t want to jump into every little combat situation around the world. Hillary has destroyed the Middle East, led to this huge migrant crisis into Europe and she just has very bad instincts.”