3pm – Aide Said He Was Running ‘Bill Clinton Inc.’ in New WikiLeaks Dump

3:20pm – FLASHBACK: Obama Believed In ‘Rigged Elections’ In 2008

3:25pm – Donald Trump’s risky plan to use the Internet to suppress Hillary Clinton’s turnout

3:35pm – Actor Randy Quaid Switches Support From Bernie to Trump in Most Dramatic Way

3:50pm – Oregon Student Government: Dressing Up as Any Character Is Cultural Appropriation, Not Okay

4pm – Rich spoke with Dr. Mazz about the impact of the rise in Obamacare during Ask the Doctor.

4:25pm – Singer Sevyn Streeter says Philadelphia 76ers pulled her national anthem performance due to ‘We Matter’ jersey

4:35pm – Rich spoke with Senator Mike Doherty regarding New Jersey’s gas tax.

5pm – Rich spoke with comedian Jim Norton regarding comedy, politics, and the slow destruction of America.

5:20pm – The Podesta emails

5:35pm  – WikiLeaks’ Clinton Emails Present Painful Dilemma