PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Former presidential candidate, Dr Ben Carson, weighed in on reports that premiums for insurance plans acquired through the Affordable Care Act are rising in an interview on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT with Dom Giordano, saying changes can be made to install a more affordable health care policy.


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“Do we need healthcare reform? Absolutely. Is healthcare a right? No. Is it a responsibility for a compassionate society? Yes. Are we a compassionate society? Yes. Do we have the ability to implement it? Yes. We spend twice as much per capita as many other nations that have much better access. So, we can do this and we do put adequate money into it. We just need a system that is not political.”

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He also reacted to a heated exchange between Megyn Kelly and former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, on Fox News earlier this week, stating that it is healthy for the networks to feature contrary opinions.

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“I have noticed on Fox News that there are people who are liberal and there are people who are conservative. When they talk about fair and balanced, they have people on both sides. I think that’s a good thing. They, of all the networks, are the ones in which you’re going to, at least, get both sides of the story, but it’s not going to be a consistent story. Whereas, when you look at some of the other networks, you know what you’re going to hear. You always know what you’re going to hear.”