PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee says he rejects polling that shows Hillary Clinton with a clear lead over Donald Trump in the race for the White House and insists the GOP nominee will emerge victorious.

Huckabee told Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that many voters just will not admit to being supporters of Trump.


“There are a lot of people that are not going to tell a pollster, heck, they’re not even going to tell their own family that they’re voting for Trump because they don’t want to be called racist, a bigot, a misogynist, a xenophobe. They just don’t want to get into that fight. Boy, if people say they’re going to vote for Trump, look what happens when people put a yard sign up. Their yard signs are stolen. Their houses are egged. People are just laying low about it except for the tens of thousands who show up at his rallies. But, when it comes time to vote, and I’m hearing it, I hear at church. I hear it on every airplane I’m on, which is about five days a week I’m on an airplane going somewhere and people come up to me, they’ll look around and, kind of, make sure nobody’s listening and they’ll lean down and say, ‘I just want to let you know, I’m voting for Trump.’ I’m telling you, I think there’s something in the undercurrent that the pollsters are totally missing. I know I’m on a limb here, but I believe Donald Trump will win this election.”

He rejected allegations against Trump by women who say he assaulted them, maintaining that Hillary Clinton is a far worse candidate.

“I don’t know what Donald Trump did or didn’t do, but I know what the Clintons do. By gosh, I know what Hillary has done with her server, her emails. I know what she’s done in lying to Congress. I know what she stands for, in terms of open borders. I know that she believes in late term abortion, tax payer funded. For all of the fog that has been created with the Clintons and this is what they’re so good at, move that fog away and you have a very clear choice between a person who will take this country, give it back its economic footing, protect our borders, support human life and you have a person who, I believe, will be the worst president we’ve ever had in our lives, and that’s saying something given the last eight years.”

Huckabee stated the string of accusers coming out against the Republican nominee sounds similar to tactics that the Clintons have used in the past against their opponents.

“I fought the Clinton machine in Arkansas and this is the total MO for how they typically operate in that, just before an election, you’re going to be hit with unbelievable amounts of people, many of whom you’ve never met, coming out of the woodwork, accusing you of everything imaginable and it’s like just throwing spaghetti at the wall, hoping something clicks. It’s former employees, people that you fired, people you didn’t re-appoint, people that you didn’t give a pardon to, everything imaginable and they all will line up and every day you have a couple of them going to the papers, going to the television stations.”