By Mike Dougherty

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams visited Dunbar Elementary in North Philadelphia to talk to students about bullying.

When Seth Williams asked the students at Dunbar to raise their hands if they have ever been bullied, nearly all of them reached for the sky.

He then asked them to raise their hands if they have ever been a bully, and again nearly all of them did.

It was a visual that took some students by surprise.

Williams says visiting schools is a great opportunity for him to connect with kids before it’s too late.

“The number one cause of homicides in Philadelphia is arguments. People just don’t know how to resolve conflict.”

Principal Dawn Moore says bullying starts as early as kindergarten.

“There’s always that competition in trying to make someone else feel smaller than they are.”

Williams declared Dunbar a bully-free zone. Moore hopes the students learned how to care about one another a little more.