3pm – Obamacare premiums to soar 22%

3:20pm – Obamacare Premiums to Rise Considerably in Pennsylvania

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3:35pm – In these states, taking a selfie with your ballot could get you arrested

3:50pm – Colin Powell Announces He Will Vote For Hillary Clinton

4pm – Elizabeth Warren: ‘nasty women’ will defeat Trump on election day

4:20pm  – Rich spoke with Senator Jeff Sessions regarding momentum helping Donald Trump, Obamacare premiums rising and Sen. Pat Toomey.

4:35pm – Rich spoke with Gov. Ed Rendell regarding the rise of Obamacare, the credibility of pollsters and the Philadelphia Eagles.

4:50pm – N.J. senators hope gas tax increase will fund Bergen light rail extension

5pm – Women drinking more than men putting themselves at risk

5:05pm – Passengers to Airlines: Enough With the Wacky Safety Videos

5:10pm – Sales of Halloween masks point to ominous prediction for Hillary Clinton

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5:12pm – Asda Children’s T-Shirt Deemed Too Hurtful, Petition Demands Removal

5:20pm – Rich spoke with Beth Anne Mumford of Americans for Prosperity about Sen. Pat Toomey’s reelection run.

5:25pm – Trump Says He Has ‘No Interest’ in Launching TV Network

5:50pm – Hillary Clinton filings reveal she cashed in on healthcare speeches







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