PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Rudy Giuliani, the former Mayor of New York City and adviser to Donald Trump, expressed his dismay at the FBI’s decision not recommend charges against former Secretary of State and Democratic nominee for President, Hillary Clinton, for using a private email server during her time at the Department.

Giuliani, while speaking with Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, seemed thoroughly disappointed that no further action was taken against Clinton.


“I am heartbroken. Heartbroken to see what has happened to the Justice Department and the FBI, two institutions that, the Justice Department I was part of for 17 years and I love the Justice Department and I love the FBI. I hate to say this because it sounds trite, but some of my best friends are FBI agents. We did life and death cases together where our lives were threatened, Colombian drug dealers, mafia. I’ve never seen this. I never saw an FBI Director hold a press conference about a case and the FBI doesn’t decide who gets indicted or not. The Attorney General and the US Attorney decide that.”

He also addressed a report that Terry McAuliffe, the Governor of Virginia, provided financial assistant to the political campaign of the wife of an FBI investigator who worked on the Clinton case.

“This case is really, really weird. And now, the number two guy, his wife is getting four, five, six-hundred-thousand dollars from McAuliffe, who is one of the slimier people around the Clintons. He’s the guy selling out the Lincoln bedroom 15, 20 years ago. He’s under investigation himself in the Washington field office of the FBI.