By Cleve Bryan

BURLINGTON CITY, N.J. (CBS) — It had the feel of a pep-rally yet the passion from Burlington City High School students, asking drivers to slow down to 25 miles per hour, comes from a source of pain.

In May their classmate Antwan Timbers Jr. was killed along Rt 130 just footsteps from their school.

“For the next month, I would say it was really gloomy, down in our school,” says classmate Jessica Lamont. “His loss really made us want to do something about it. We wanted to make a change.”

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Two weeks ago students started standing outside the high school with pictures of Antwan and signs asking drivers on Rt 130 to slow down. They’re calling it the 25 Saves Lives campaign.

They caught the attention of one local resident with the power to further the student’s efforts.

State Senator Diane Allen came to the high school to introduce 3 bills to makes roads near schools safer. One increases speeding fines in school zones, another gives towns more power to lower speed limits and the third makes 25 miles per hour the all-day speed limit on Route 130 near BCHS.

“We’re going to be naming this bill the Antwan Timbers Jr. Bill,” Allen announced to a cheering crowd of students. Antwan’s dad was overcome by emotions.

“Just for everybody to come together and do this in his honor and for the community as well, it just makes our family feel proud,” says Antwan Timbers Sr.